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Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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The Annual General Meeting of the Sports Club will take place on Wednesday 6 February at 7.30 pm in the main lounge of the Sports Club. All club members welcome.

The agenda, nominations for Committee sheet and minutes of the last AGM are all on the noticeboard in the Sports Club. The agenda is also attached here. The Annual Audited Accounts will be provided on the night at the AGM.

President Brian Kampman says:
“It has been a very busy year, with excellent progress made in managing the Club’s debts, establishing a programme of social/entertainment events while refurbishing the Small Lounge, repairing the car park and laying a new carpet in the main lounge.

I, & others, will provide reports at the AGM on achievements, future challenges, our financial position & proposals.

This is a critical meeting as, after three years, three of the four office bearers (me as President, the Vice President and Secretary) are standing down so we desperately need new blood on the Committee. Please give serious consideration to whether you would like to fill one of the gaps. And come and listen to our explanations of why we are standing down.

If you think you would like to apply for ANY of the Committee roles, please do put your name forward. We need people with new ideas, commitment and enthusiasm to work hard on behalf of the club. Please feel free to talk to any of the present incumbents about any of the roles if you think you might be interested”.

Proposals for 2019 Membership Fees & Bar Credit
The Committee had its usual vigorous discussions about membership fees. Our conclusion is to leave fees as they are. We have made good progress this year, we have a stronger events strategy in place – for which we continue to need your support! – so we decided NOT to raise fees. As you will understand, next year may be different.

Bar Credit – The Committee also discussed the bar credit. There are pros and cons for it; our conclusion is to now focus on encouraging members to attend the Club and so there will be NO universal bar credit in 2019. We will, however, continue to use membership cards at the bar so we me encourage all of you to continue to load your card with credit.

Please attend the meeting to hear more details about the background to these proposals. You cannot cast a vote unless you attend (there are no proxy votes).

Nominees for committee

Any nominations for election to the Committee must be received by the Secretary no later than 3 days prior to the date of the AGM. All nominations must have a proposer and a seconder.

Volunteers! – we also (always!!) need more volunteers to help us with some of the more routine tasks associated with the club e.g. painting, decorating, odd job maintenance. An hour or two (or more!) of your time each week could make the world of difference to how smoothly we operate.

The AGM has been announced on the Sports Club website and via a newsletter to members. Agenda can be viewed via Agenda List 2019.

I very much hope to see you all there.

Malcolm MacDonald
East Kilbride Sports Club
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 07788 443363