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Calderglen Sports Hub Clubs

At East Kilbride Sports Club we are passionate about sports and are proud to have several sports sections as part of our club. We want all children and adults, men and women, in the East Kilbride area being involved in sports.

We’ve all heard to be more physically active to promote a healthier lifestyle, and what better way than playing sports, which not only is great exercise, it is fun, it builds friendships and a sense of community and belonging.

We have five/six (depending on whether we include football or not) sporting sections for you and your family to be a part of. More information about each section is available by clicking the relevant section below:

Get fitter, get healthier, make friendships and do it all while having lots of fun!

Memberships for each of the six clubs at the Calderglen Sports Hub are open to the public, but subject to a yearly fee. Please use our Contact Form to get in touch with the club you’re interested in and to become a member.

Alternatively, you can contact each of the clubs directly.